My Bible Study Materials

My Bible Study Materials

ffcfbad7-d4cc-42ba-bd39-6116a3ee80d0I know every Christian has a personal relationship with God and his or her own unique Bible study method. It looks different for every person. But I wanted to share what I do. I’m that girl who enjoys scrolling through Pinterest pins of morning routines, fitness plans, and Bible Study blogs, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one. 🙂 Maybe this will be helpful or inspiring for you!

Here are the materials I use:

My Bible

I use The New Inductive Study Bible in the ESV version. I love how it has margins large enough to write my thoughts or sermon notes in. I highlight or underline verses that stand out to me, and if I’m using colored pencils, sometimes I’ll color verses green for God’s commands, red for what He tells us not to do, yellow for His attributes, orange for mankind, blue for God’s blessings, and purple and pink for random things. 🙂 I use the blank pages in the back of my Bible to write down quotes, notes, and prayers.

Prayer notebook

I list my prayer requests, praises, and scriptures to pray in this notebook.

Prayer journal

This is where I actually write out prayers to God. They are more like my letters to Him. It has become so special for me to have, because I can look back over my prayers and see how God worked through the situation and I can then praise Him for that.

Topical Scripture notebook

One of my Bible study mentors taught me this method, and it is really helpful to keep all my favorite verses organized by topic. Maybe I want to learn more about what God says on a specific topic, or a verse stands out to me as I read a chapter. Whatever the case, I always have a place to write it down and refer to later on.

Personal Bible Study

I usually will be going through a study, whether it’s through my church, or the girl’s Bible studies I attend. My friends and I just finished a study of 2 Corinthians called, All Things New by Kelly Minter.

Sermon Notebook

This is where I journal, record sermon notes, and write down what I’m learning from my Bible studies.

3×5 card holder for memory verses

I don’t really have a system for this one yet 🙂 It’s simply where I keep my scripture flashcards. I would love to hear what works for you!

Cute mug with writing utensils

I keep all my pens, pencils, and highlighters for my Bible here.

Not pictured is my mug of tea or coffee. Can’t forget that!

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