Jesus Forever

Jesus Forever

Happy Easter 2019! He is Risen indeed! It seemed appropriate to me to share a poem I wrote five years ago around this time. It started out as simply a homework assignment for the fourteen-year-old me, but it has turned into much more than that over the years. It continually reminds me of the endless joy Jesus offers and the hopeful reality I get to experience every day because of HIM. I hope it does the same for you.


By Belle Balkan

Jesus, forever loving

Your steadfast love

abounds from above

Your deep affection

wraps me in safe protection.

Jesus, forever forgiving

You died on the cross

but it was not for a loss

Suffering, you endeavored

but now I am clean forever.

Jesus, forever living

On the third day you rose and

walked forth in white clothes

Then you smiled at me

and said, “you are forever free!”

Have a blessed Easter! Praise God for His forever reign and our victory in Him!

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