Full of Purpose and Promise

Full of Purpose and Promise

So I’m sitting here in the library. I have a full list of the things I need to get done as finals is fast approaching, but those things might need to wait just a few minutes more. I couldn’t wait to share this! I was simply trying to get my reading done for my New Testament Survey class but there was just so much good stuff packed into the five chapters I can’t help but get excited. šŸ™‚ 2 Corinthians 2-6 is full of our identity in Christ and who He has called us to be. This is so good y’all and this is just a fraction of God’s many many promises to us!

1. We areĀ triumphantĀ because we have the privilege of having the Holy Spirit within us wherever we go (2:14).

2. We areĀ commissioned by GodĀ (2:17).

3. We areĀ sufficientĀ in Christ and are called ministers of the new covenant (3:5-6).

4. We areĀ boldĀ because we have an everlasting hope (3:12).

5. We areĀ freeĀ with unveiled faces beholding the glory of the Lord, and are assured of his promise that He is transforming us into the very image of Christ (3:17-18).

6. WeĀ neverĀ lose heartĀ because we have a specific purpose and ministry (4:1).

7. We areĀ servantsĀ of Christ, proclaiming Him and not ourselves (4:5).

8. We are always of good courage because we have a home with the Lord (5:6).

9. We are aĀ new creationĀ (5:17).

10. We areĀ ambassadors for ChristĀ (5:20).

11. We are a temple of the living God.Ā He lives in us!Ā (6:16).

As a college student, I feel like everyone around me, including myself, is longing and searching for purpose and a place to belong in this life. If we continue to look around us, we will be left empty and hopeless. But if we look up, and recognize that only Jesus is the answer, then we can never be without hope and purpose. In Christ alone, my hope is found.

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